Geek pride (and confirmation that serious stats is out)

Andy Field just tweeted this:


Serious stats #!1 on

For an hour or so earlier today Serious Stats was #1 in the sales rank for the category:

Books > Health, Family & Lifestyle > Psychology & Psychiatry > Methodology > Statistics

As of writing the rank has dropped to #3 (but I’m still quite excited – even though I know this may not imply large numbers of pre-orders).

They have also increased the discount on pre-orders to 36%. The book should also be available for pre-order in other countries (though I’ve only checked the US store), but for some reason the discount is not as generous there.

If you can’t get hold of the item in your country, does free worldwide delivery (to most countries as far as I can tell). I’ve used them to ship gifts to friends and family overseas and they seem pretty reliable (and also offer pretty good discounts).

R functions for serious stats

UPDATE: Some problems arose with my previous host so I have now updated the links here and elsewhere on the blog.

The companion web site for Serious Stats has a zip file with R scripts for each chapter. This contains examples of R code and and all my functions from the book (and a few extras). This is a convenient form for working through the examples. However, if you just want to access the functions it is more convenient to load them all in at once.

The functions can be downloaded as a text file from:

More conveniently, you can load them directly into R with the following call:


In addition to the Serious Stats functions, a number of other functions are contained in the text file. These include functions published on this blog for comparing correlations or confidence intervals for independent measures ANOVA and functions my paper on confidence intervals for repeated measures ANOVA.

N.B. R code formatted via Pretty R at

Serious stats companion web site now live: sample chapter, data and R scripts

The companion web site for Serious stats is now live:

It includes a sample chapter (Chapter 15: Contrasts), data sets, R scripts for all the examples and supplementary material.

Serious stats: A guide to advanced statistics for the behavioral sciences

This is a blog to accompany my forthcoming book “Serious stats” published by Palgrave.

Baguley, T. (2012, in press). Serious stats: A guide to advanced statistics for the behavioral sciences. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

The book is available for pre-order (e.g., via amazon) and instructors should be able to pre-order inspection copies via Macmillan in the US (or Palgrave in the UK).
The proofs have been checked and returned and I am hoping for a publication date of May 2012.